Early Childhood Education Degree Online 2024

If you love kids and enjoy seeing them encouraged and supported, now may be a great time to consider enrolling in any online college for an early childhood education degree.

Online colleges provide flexible pathways for early childhood education. Personalised programs enable students to acquire essential skills and shine in this rewarding field. And empower aspiring educators to shape young learners’ futures. Here’s everything about an early childhood education degree.

What Is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education revolves around nurturing the growth and learning of young children during their initial years, usually from birth to around eight years old. This approach focuses on their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development distinctly 

This approach lays the foundation for their future success. The programs are crafted to be enjoyable and interactive, with plenty of play, exploration, and interaction with peers and educators. This approach creates a strong groundwork for their learning and personal growth as they mature.

Early Childhood Education Degrees Online

Early Childhood Education Degree
Early Childhood Education

An online degree in early childhood education frequently results in opportunities such as teaching in preschools or kindergartens. These positions are plentiful within your community, available at schools and childcare centres. The degree can also provide access to fields like developmental psychology, pedagogy, and instructional design.

You’ll discover evidence-based teaching techniques, crafting captivating environments, and assisting all children, including those facing challenges. This can make you eligible for positions like reading/speech therapy, child welfare, or occupational therapy in educational institutions, healthcare, or non-profit organisations.

Preschool directors play a pivotal role in fostering nurturing atmospheres and acquiring funding, ensuring top-notch early education. Advocating for funding and training committed staff are vital components of these responsibilities.

The degree leads to broader careers. It’s a step towards elementary/middle school teaching or special education, aiding diverse learners. Valuable knowledge for advanced teaching.

What Can You Do With an Early Childhood Education Degree?

Your online early childhood education online degree reflects enthusiasm for quality programs with evidence-based practices. Potential roles offer average pay of $25,000 to $60,000, possibly higher with advanced degrees (Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

These roles encompass teachers, social workers, health educators, program directors, and therapy assistants. Some jobs need state certification.

Early Childhood Education Careers & Salaries

An online early childhood education degree can lead to teaching roles, considering teacher licensing requirements. Besides schools, various agencies collaborate with schools for child development support. 

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers earn around $60,660 annually with 4% projected job growth (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Health and human services agencies, nonprofits, and hospitals also rely on professionals in childhood education for interventions, therapy, and family counselling. 

Understanding childhood development, psychology, and ethical standards is crucial. Teaching is pivotal, but a network of roles depends on this expertise, aiding young children facing challenges. The degree offers diverse opportunities for a strong start.

Types of Early Childhood Education Degrees and Courses

Early Childhood Education Degree
Early Childhood Education Degree

Curriculum and courses for early childhood education, covering child development, teaching methods, psychology, wellness, family dynamics, and language acquisition. Here are some courses: 

1. Theories and Principles of Child Development

This course delves into the theories and principles that influence the academic, social and emotional learning of children, along with assessing their development.

2. Developmental Psychology

This class focuses on the various stages of human growth and understanding, including psycho-social and moral-spiritual aspects.

3. Pedagogical Theory in the Early Grades

You’ll learn about sensory experiences and how they affect learning aptitudes, applying this knowledge to effective teaching methods.

4. Language Acquisition and Development in Young Children

You will study the intricate processes of language acquisition and how it applies to learning, assessment, and intervention for special-needs children.

5. Math Instruction in Early Childhood

Here, you will make maths concepts tangible for young learners, teaching foundational maths concepts, integrating maths into play, and assessing understanding.

6. Curriculum Planning and Design

This early childhood education degree module focuses on crafting engaging instructional units. Aligning them with learning objectives, and creating impactful daily activities.

7. Administering Early Childhood Education

You will learn leadership skills for managing centres/preschools, including legal, ethical, operational, and financial considerations.

8. Early Childhood Physiology, Nutrition, and Wellness

Understanding physical development and wellness in children, including common disabilities, is the focus of this course.

9. Childhood and Family Dynamics and Culture

This section explores how diverse family dynamics influence childhood learning and well-being, with insights into effective parent outreach.

However, Enrolling in an early childhood education course prepares you to create nurturing learning environments and support children’s holistic development. 

Early Childhood Education Degree Admissions Requirements

Early Childhood Education Degree
Early Childhood Education Degree

The majority of online early education degree programs will ask you to provide transcripts for any prerequisite degrees you have completed.

An online associate’s degree in early childhood education is straightforward. A bachelor’s degree may need high school graduation proof. A relevant bachelor’s is needed for a master’s, and a PhD is more competitive, possibly requiring various prerequisites. Such as:

  • test scores, 
  • course prerequisites, 
  • statement of purpose etc.

If you have finished an associate’s degree in another field, check if credits can transfer to your early childhood education program for time and cost savings.

Best Online School for Early Childhood Education Degree?

Various colleges across the country offer online education facilities. Below is a list of some of the best online education schools: 

  1. Northwestern College: Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood (non-licensure).
  2. Liberty University: Bachelor in Early Childhood Education Online.
  3. Vanguard University of Southern California: Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.
  4. Post University: Bachelor of Science in Child Studies.
  5. Purdue Global University: Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Administration
  6. Ball State University: Bachelor’s in Family and Child: Early Childhood Education.
  7. Indiana Wesleyan University: Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.
  8. Grand Canyon University: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

You can also take admission for education online by knowing the details of other colleges according to your convenience.

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Affordable Early Childhood Education Online Programs

The ideal online school for your early childhood education suits your unique needs. Such as quality, tuition, or campus resources. Many offer flexible schedules and accelerated options. You can research one which is suitable for you.

There are budget-friendly online schools available. Typically, bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education comprise around 120 credit hours.

Early Childhood Education Degree Program Cost?

Tuition expenses vary between schools, but most bachelor’s programs tend to range from $300 to $500 per credit hour. It’s important to focus on accredited programs as a general guideline.

Furthermore, it’s worth pondering over programs that offer assistance for field studies, particularly if there’s a student teaching element necessary to attain full teaching licensure in your intended state of employment.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most of us are curious about how to cover the costs of an online early childhood education degree. The school you choose might have scholarships available, and if you’re already employed in a related field, you could qualify for tuition help from your employer.

You could also explore other types of financial support like state grants, federal aid, work-study opportunities etc. To get financial aid from these resources you can apply for FAFSA, by completing Federal Financial Aid Application.


An early childhood education degree is crucial for shaping a child’s future success, fostering growth in cognitive, social, and emotional aspects during formative years. Equipping educators leads to better support, unlocking children’s potential and building a brighter, more inclusive society.


How long does it take to get an early childhood education degree?

Degree duration depends on your program, degree type, and credits. A bachelor’s typically takes four years full-time in a 16-week semester, but shorter terms and year-round enrollment can accelerate completion.

What degree is best for early childhood education?

With an Associate’s degree, you can assist in classrooms or preschools. For greater flexibility with kids aged birth to eight, a Bachelor’s degree might be ideal.